Week 3 Comments for Julie Jerue’s Blog


Clay Shirky’s comment on institutions giving up a quarter of the value of a learning system, really stood out to me. I think it is a great thought that even though that quarter of a group may only contribute a below average amount, it is still contribution. Also that-that particular single contribution might be a key piece of the puzzle. I think that it is so important to remember as a teacher, that each student has something to offer in a class, and it is my job to facilitate that student’s contribution. The collaboration of all students produces a greater finished product.

I think a negative spin on the contribution concept though is the overwhelming number of CMS, LMS, LCMS systems to choose from. It takes an education in itself to learn what each of these systems have to offer. Then comes the cost and implementation into the chosen system. How does a school system decide what is best for them? The likelihood of the quarter of the value being given up will be the choice of the institution. I often wish they would ask those of us that will be using the product to give our input. It is always, “our district has chosen _____, please attend training on _____). It would be great to have an opportunity to sample different products and vote on what teachers think would be best. Then have a comprehensive training. I don’t think the institution of education will change to collaboration any time soon. It’s all smoke in mirrors.

Shirky also goes on to comment on the stages an institution goes through. Putting my prior negativity aside, I completely agree that education is in the anger and acceptance stage. Schools are still blocking social sites like Facebook, but are training and urging teachers to bring in technology and to collaborate. Teachers continue to push the boundaries of what is allowed, but are showing that the benefits of certain prohibited sites out way the negative.
At the end of the day, teachers main focus is to make it possible for our students to learn, and to continue to push ourselves to learn as well.
Shirky, Clay. (2005) Clay Shirky on institutions vs. collaboration. Retrived from http://www.ted.com/index.php/talks/clay_shirky_on_institutions_versus_collaboration.html
31lori said…
Your blog post immediately caught my eye initially because of your Hope sign graphic. This past month has been rough and I truly believe hope is for all ages… we need it!

Now, to go another great comment was how each student has something to offer in class and as an educator it is our privilege to search for what that is and highlight that student’s contribution. Too many times teachers tend to give the attention to the easy students and that is when great information is missed because sometimes that quiet student has a lot to offer and it just needs to be safe enough to share it.

Julie you did a great job and pointed out points that we as educators need to remember every day we enter into our classrooms. Too many times we get bogged down with the junk that is put on us by our districts and higher ups… it’s no excuse for us to ever slack and stop doing what we need to do. Thanks!

August 22, 2010 9:07 PM
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